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What kinds of bulbs do we use in daily life?

by huang Lisa 26 Dec 2021 0 Comments

1. Tungsten filament bulb:

Tungsten filament light bulb is a kind of light source widely used by people. It can emit warm and yellow light, which is what most of us think of as a light bulb. Its price is cheap, so the tungsten bulb also has a variety of styles to match different lamps. However, the life of the tungsten bulb is not long, and it does not save electricity. It also emits a low temperature, so it should not be too close to paper, textiles or plastic products. At the same time, the tungsten wire is suitable for manufacturing filaments, impact-resistant filaments and other high-temperature resistance devices; it is also suitable for manufacturing spiral filaments such as incandescent lamps.

Tungsten filament bulb

2. Tungsten halogen bulb:

Tungsten halogen bulbs have a longer life than ordinary tungsten bulbs, but they are also more expensive. The light clues produced by tungsten halogen lamps are also whiter and closer to natural light than ordinary tungsten bulbs. Not only that, one of the most important advantages of tungsten halogen bulbs is that the maximum light energy can be emitted from the filament of a small needle. Tungsten halogen bulbs are smaller and more energy-efficient, so they are often used in spotlights. A luminaire that casts light downward. Therefore, the shape of the lamp can become very smooth and mini, saving more space.

3. Fluorescent bulb:

The light emitted by fluorescent bulbs is colder, rougher and blueish than tungsten bulbs, but the tubes are very energy-efficient and durable, so they are a more economical choice on the market. In addition, there are many improvements to fluorescent bulbs that can be used in smaller lamps. In addition, the light produced by these improved tubes is also warmer than the old ones, so they are the best choice for kitchens and studios. So in general, this kind of lamp is helpful for creating the atmosphere in the home.

4. LED bulb:

LED bulbs are mainly high-power white LED single lamps. With the further maturity of LED technology, LEDs will achieve more and better developments in the field of design and development of residential lighting fixtures. In the 21st century, the design of room lighting will be based on led bulb design as the mainstream. At the same time, it will fully reflect the development trend of energy-saving, healthy, artistic and humanized lighting, and become the dominant room lighting culture.

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