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How to choose home decoration lamps?

by huang Lisa 14 Sep 2022 0 Comments
I believe that many of my friends are confused when they are renovating their new homes, and they don’t know where to buy a lamp to look better.

For home decoration, lighting design needs to be more thoughtful. Only when the lamps are selected correctly, can you live happily! Live in peace! Live comfortably!

So how do you choose lamps? Let's first talk about the three major points that you must know when buying a lamp:

1. Color temperature

Are you looking for cool or warm tones when decorating your home? Just like the decoration style of your home is industrial style or modern simplicity, then the lighting must be selected in cool colors; on the other hand, if your home is Japanese style, light luxury style, pastoral style, etc., it must be warm. Hue; then! How to distinguish between cold and warm lamps?

The brightness of the light is determined by the color temperature!

It can be divided like this: 3000k is yellowish; 4000k is warmer white; 5000k is white; 6000k is blueish.

Warm colors make people comfortable and relaxed, and cool colors make people think clearly.

It is recommended to choose the color temperature of 3000-4000K for the family's lamps and lanterns. It is recommended to use 4000-4500K for kitchen, study and bathroom lamps, and 3000-3500K for the living room, dining room and bedroom.

2. Color rendering index

Color rendering index (Ra): When light shines on the surface of an object, a light source with a higher color rendering index allows your eyes to see the object closer to its true color.

Everyone just needs to remember this: the home improvement lamps and lanterns should choose the color rendering index Ra>90.

3. Wattage

Taking a 100-square-meter house as an example, the whole house is mainly designed with main lights. You can choose 90-120w in the living room and 20-30w in the room. If your home uses multi-light source lighting, you can install multiple 5w or 7w downlights , depending on the actual situation.

After understanding the data, we can choose our favorite lamps according to the scene~

1. Living room

The lighting in the living room is still a good choice, which can be determined according to the size of the space and the style of accessories. The living room generally has a main lamp as the main lighting, and then used with other lamps for auxiliary lighting. If the living room area of ​​the family is small, the main light should not be too large, otherwise it will look awkward. If the living room area of ​​the family is too large, it is necessary to choose slightly larger lamps to avoid insufficient lighting.

2. Bedroom

The bedroom is a relatively private and relaxing area, and the lighting is mainly softened to ensure the owner's emotional relaxation. Therefore, the lighting in the bedroom can be based on warm yellow, with wall lamps or downlights at the head of the bed to create a romantic and comfortable atmosphere.

3. Restaurant

Dining room lighting can be selected according to the shape of the dining table. A chandelier with a suitable height and a lampshade can be installed above a square dining table with a square plate; a long-line chandelier can be installed above a round dining table with a lively shape; if the owner is more particular about the dining atmosphere, he can also choose a freely adjustable wall lamp. More suitable for dining needs.

4. Kitchen and bathroom

Generally, the ceiling of the kitchen and bathroom will be integrated on the ceiling, or it is a mosaic LED lamp. You can use this kind of lamp to pay attention to some color temperature and brightness, but not too dark. Because some kitchen and bathroom lighting is not good, the lamps should be brighter. of.

5. Study room

The study light should not be too bright; for the study, brightness is extremely important, so many residents choose extremely bright lighting when choosing study lights, but in fact, the study lights are too bright or even dazzling. When reading, doing homework, and studying in the study room, the bright lights are not conducive to the reader's concentration and comfort, and will make the reader feel irritable and restless. Therefore, the study lamp selected when the study is decorated should be light with a soft light, which can promote the efficiency of reading, and at the same time make the reader have a quiet and leisurely state of mind.
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