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Why do you need a bamboo lamp ?

by huang Lisa 30 Dec 2021 0 Comments

What is bamboo?

Bamboo is a type of grass with a hard, woody, hollow stem. It is a perennial evergreen, meaning it grows every year and stays green year round. Hundreds of kinds grow in different regions of the world, and people have used them in everything from construction to medicine. Preferring well-watered, mildly acidic soil in most cases, it has significant cultural and religious connotations such as the need to remain morally straight.

This kind of grass appears as a round, hollow, fibrous stalk, which is green and grows straight up. The plants do have leaves, but they do not put much energy into growing them until they are nearly fully mature. When the leaves do appear, they grow from the top of the stalk.


From ancient times to the present, bamboo has been symbolized by people as a noble and elegant gentleman. No matter how the times change, it still captures people's love with its own unique charm. There are many bamboo woven products, and bamboo wares were made with bamboo as early as the late Paleolithic and early New Ages. But what I am going to talk about today is the lighting made of bamboo.

The technique of weaving bamboo is simple, but the actual one is infinitely changeable. The bamboo weaving art made by different weavers will give people different feelings. There is no identical bamboo woven product in the world, even a skilled weaver cannot do it, because the material used in the bamboo woven product-bamboo strips, is not the same. There is no exactly the same bamboo in the world. The bamboo is different, and the woven objects naturally give people a different feeling.

With the development and progress of the times, people's requirements for lighting are not only attached to its functions. The style innovation of lamps has also become one of the requirements for people to choose lamps. A bamboo woven lamp is placed in a suitable place and can be perfectly integrated into the environment, illuminating the entire space without being obtrusive, then its value is greatly improved.

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